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About Us

Kay Marie Kandles, LLC is an at-home candle making business that is based out of Northern, Virginia. This company was created during the Year 2020 pandemic, which tested a lot of people's faith. With God, we know that all things are possible so the inspiration behind making candles was to create a product that brings back happiness. Each candle is made, and hand poured with lots of love. We want each and every one of our customers to feel the

love that each candle brings through

the essence of smell.  

There is a lot of time spent to create each candle. It took several months to test out fragrances, wicks, and waxes to be able to develop the most PERFECT candle for our wonderful customers. We use a soy-wax (soy/veggie) blend for our wax, a CD wick which is a flat-braided cotton wick, and phthalate/dye-free fragrance oils to make our candles.

Each candle label has one of our favorite bible verses that talks about the actual name of the candle. We hope that you get a chance to read

the verses that are displayed on the candles you purchase and that your experience with our candles brings forth happiness. God bless!

With lots of Love,

~Kay Marie Kandles, LLC

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